How to survive the zombie apocalypse.

So I really liked the way this blogger used something I love [#Zombies] to relate to a way to share Jesus with the infected ones already around us. Kuddos. A must read.


Two Bellmen


So my friend William (see pic above) [a.k.a. Willie and stunt double in the newest Spider Man flicks] Spencer is staring in this short film along with Caine Sinclair [stuman in #Grimm, another series I love to watch] called Two Bellmen.


So the story revolves around them… and they have to save some priceless works of art being held at the #JWMarriott hotel from art thieves known as the “Purple Panthers”. It comes out on March 10th so watch the trailer and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Personally I can’t wait to see it… 😉

You can also check out the film’s website at
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Okay so this is totally a light hearted blog…full of humorous lines from movies and series that I love!

I love comedies… and laughing. Along with computer games, reading, hockey, and lots of other things. I am currently watching my way through Warehouse  13 episodes and I totally love the “nerdy” vibes from Claudia and Fargo. So some of my most fav funny lines from movies…

1. Zombieland


Columbus: [after his neighbor changes into a zombie] You see? You just can’t trust anyone. The first girl I let into my life and she tries to eat me.

2. Warehouse 13


After Claudia kisses Fargo and he says, “and this is why Jedi turn to the dark side” after she says she was thinking of Todd and not him while kissing him.

3. YES man


Like the entire movie is just one funny line after another. It really knows no bounds and still cracks me up time and time again. Just say yes to everything.

These are just some of the funny lines and things I have come across recently… but there is nothing better then laughing. Well maybe some “nerd” love! 😉


Until the next blog… adieu.

Until it’s gone

I couldn’t have said it any better than exactly how F Scott Fitzgerald stated it… that you can’t find the same love twice. But, I have to hope that if I found someone who loves me for exactly who I am and still to this day he still does that I can find someone else who will… the reason I need to find this other person who will it is because for certain reasons I can never be with the first that I have mentioned. So I travel on this journey which has become my life and enjoy the path not knowing the destination I will end up at…

‘Cause finding what you got sometimes
Means finding it alone
And I can finally see your light
When I let go

‘Cause you don’t know what you’ve got
Until it’s gone


I have always just had one wish. I just want to be happy. That might just sound simple to you but it is not always so simple of a wish to have truth be told. You can’t be happy all the time. You make mistakes. Your heart gets broken. You learn. Times doesn’t heal all wounds but it does help some what to plaster over the cracks. Letting you fill in the gaps and move on. My journey remains the same as it always has been. When asked what I am looking for I always will answer to be happy and to find someone who loves me for me…

I want to know that someone misses me when I am gone. I am a very special person with a lot of love to share. I deserve someone who appreciates me. Who treats me like I am one in a million. I would like someone who shares my love of traveling and hockey…but not a deal breaker. All I end up meeting as of late are rude individuals who almost instantly start trying to coerce me into having sex with them. Or individuals who have so many things on their record (arrests for drugs, violence,  assault, theft,  etc.) that I definitely want to run in the opposite direction post-haste!

So I have to say working on myself is in order this year. From growing my hair back out, to loosing weight, to dating again (looking for non-criminals only, and being happy in the moment like the pic below states. I want to travel more. See more new places. Meet new people. Go see more hockey games and see my Halloween hockey game. Dance in the rain. See a concert. Smile more. Sing a song at the top of my lungs while driving brings me peace… what makes you happy?