So who am I? The most broad question anyone might ask with so many possible answers to be given in reply. My real name is Carolyn. How did I come up with the name, “Linaelini”? I used to play WoW (World of Warcraft) and it was a favorite screen name of mine… along with Bevmorda (anyone who knows where that name comes from has many kuddos from me). This is all not really who I am but how I became me… all of our past experiences, failures, loses, conquests, and travels make us who you see before you today.

I am a living conundrum of a million different possibilities and riddles. I love the word conundrum if you must know. I first learned of it from one of my favorite pastimes, being reading, in the book the Phantom Tollbooth. I also love to listen to music, draw, watch movies, hang out with friends, and so much more… I haven’t yet mentioned the main focus of my life being on Jesus. It’s the relationship with him that I want to focus on most in my life! For when over time books become lost or torn up or my drawings are destroyed the only thing that matters is my relationship with the Alpha and Omega, the Word, and Jesus (he has so many other names). I could go on and on but if you personally want to find out more information about Jesus the Bible is the most reliable way to learn more and grow your own relationship with him at the same time.

I also happen to have turned 30 this year…not to worry most of my friends said this time in their lives were some of the best times! I am looking forward to this decade and making the most out of it. I already most recently for my birthday (since this is kind of a big milestone) had a girl’s weekend in Dallas with some of my best girlfriends! Also went on a work trip I won to Long Beach, CALIFORNIA! It was a blast!!! Then an up and down roller coaster until I finally was able to have surgery… God is good…all the time!

So while this gave you a glimpse at who I am right now if you follow my blog I hope to show you the person who I am becoming and we will take the journey together shall we? 😉


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