Happy New Year

So instead of New Year’s resolutions like I saw someone else mention making intentions. I liked that so much I’m adopting that idea myself. So to keep with that new idea I had some intentions for 2018 to share with you guys. First I am going to try and write more blogs (one a month this year). I also think trying to do the things on the list above would be awesome. I am attempting to get healthier this year. I’ve given up on specifically loosing weight and thought working on something more attainable would be better, at least for my sake. I want to kayak more this year! 🚣‍♀️ I also want to get back to biking again 🚴‍♀️ (that was fun).

I want to BE more positive. So I’m starting small and seeing how I can do that more with each day.

I also want to read more books this year. I have tons of books lying around I have yet to get too… I got stuck at the end of this year reading a HUGE book, IT, by Stephen King. I’m almost done and think I’m going to try and read at least 5 books a month which woulf be 60 books total this year.

What else? I have a few conventions I have already bought tickets to go to but my intention this year is to attend them in cosplay this year!!! 😎

I also want to learn more loom knitting patterns this year. I am also hoping to learn how to crochet and weave this year as well! Possibly how to do Amigurumi would be cool…or how to knit with needles so I can knit Zombies!

A friend of mine posted this idea and I happen to have a big jar I’m going to empty and make this happen this year! Here is to not procrastinating and saying next year I’ll do…

I want to be present more in the moment. I’m going to try and limit the amount of time spent on all the different social apps. Use that time for being outdoors (kayaking and biking), reading, playing video games, hanging out with friends, yarn crafts, painting, traveling, and so much more I can’t even think off right now! The sky is the limit!

I have been going to therapy and it’s helped me. I’m looking forward to working with my therapist this year to work through my pain and sadness. My grief of my grandmother’s passing. To open new doors and move forward instead of looking back at the past.

Here’s to never letting go even when you can’t feel a certain way! One of the most profound quotes I saw and held onto last year. You keep putting one foot in front of the other foot and just keep moving forward.

So with much love and hope for 2018 being my best year yet (and hopefully the same for you as well)!!!




Flowers in your hair


Where do I begin to tell you all that has happened to me?  I plan to update you with another post that will include all the comic cons I have been to this year to date. Including A Celebration of Harry Potter, Fan Expo Dallas, and Comicpalooza… (with pics ’cause pics or it didn’t happen).  I finally graduated last month with a college degree.  See below for pics…

I’m not using my degree currently at the job I am at but it gives me more options…  Plus it feels good to finally have school behind me.  There were times I felt like I might not finish but with the encouragement of my friends I was successful.

I started a new job on my birthday this year.  I work selling forms that work with the software the main company sells.  I like it.  The benefits are awesome (insurance, 401K, tons of paid time off) and I really like all of my co-workers.

I have things I am really looking forward to this year such as going to the Walker Stalker con in Tulsa and competing in GISHWHES again this year!  I also have tons of projects in the works between loom knitting, quilting, and learning how to weave.  Lots of very good books to read.  Making travel plans as I hope to be able to make it back to sunny Florida this year (make it an annual trip).

Till my next few posts full of pics, adieu!

Until it’s gone

I couldn’t have said it any better than exactly how F Scott Fitzgerald stated it… that you can’t find the same love twice. But, I have to hope that if I found someone who loves me for exactly who I am and still to this day he still does that I can find someone else who will… the reason I need to find this other person who will it is because for certain reasons I can never be with the first that I have mentioned. So I travel on this journey which has become my life and enjoy the path not knowing the destination I will end up at…

‘Cause finding what you got sometimes
Means finding it alone
And I can finally see your light
When I let go

‘Cause you don’t know what you’ve got
Until it’s gone


I have always just had one wish. I just want to be happy. That might just sound simple to you but it is not always so simple of a wish to have truth be told. You can’t be happy all the time. You make mistakes. Your heart gets broken. You learn. Times doesn’t heal all wounds but it does help some what to plaster over the cracks. Letting you fill in the gaps and move on. My journey remains the same as it always has been. When asked what I am looking for I always will answer to be happy and to find someone who loves me for me…

I want to know that someone misses me when I am gone. I am a very special person with a lot of love to share. I deserve someone who appreciates me. Who treats me like I am one in a million. I would like someone who shares my love of traveling and hockey…but not a deal breaker. All I end up meeting as of late are rude individuals who almost instantly start trying to coerce me into having sex with them. Or individuals who have so many things on their record (arrests for drugs, violence,  assault, theft,  etc.) that I definitely want to run in the opposite direction post-haste!

So I have to say working on myself is in order this year. From growing my hair back out, to loosing weight, to dating again (looking for non-criminals only, and being happy in the moment like the pic below states. I want to travel more. See more new places. Meet new people. Go see more hockey games and see my Halloween hockey game. Dance in the rain. See a concert. Smile more. Sing a song at the top of my lungs while driving brings me peace… what makes you happy?