I have just gotten hooked on this show Supernatural. It revolves around these two brothers (Dean and Sam aka Sammie) who hunt things [ghosts, demons, spirits, vampires, warewolves, etc.]. They go around trying to save people from what is out there… the episode I just watched they went after a djinn which is basically a genie. Not like any story of one you and I have ever heard of let me tell you.  (*spoilers coming if you haven’t seen this episode yet in season 2 close to the end of that season)
     You see this djinn makes you see your life how you wish it was and you are in a dream like state while it drains your blood and feeds off of you. Until you die of course from blood loss eventually. Now Dean and Sam were hunting this creature and Dean went to go check out where the djinn might be hiding…even though Sam wanted for them both to go check it out. Dean gets captured by the djinn who shows him how he wishes his life had been… his mom being alive, Dean settled down with a girl, Sam in law school still and now engaged to Jessica, and only thing that is the same is their dad is dead. Everyone keeps noticing how different Dean is acting like… when he found his mom alive and was so happy to see her it really got to me.
     What I would wish if I could. I would want my mom around, and how she used to be…before my dad divorced her. She just has gone downhill so much to the point where I find it better not to talk to her… she has dated one loser after another plus I am very positive she is taking drugs… she acts like she isn’t but when we did talk she was always asking for money and stuff. She doesn’t work and her whole situation is everyone else’s fault but her own… it has been almost two years that I haven’t spoken with my mom. She’s not dead like Dean and Sam’s mom. She even lives close to me in the same town even yet the person she is now is no one I want to have in my life. Sad but the truth.
     In the end Dean makes it out of the trance the djinn put him in…Sam ends up saving him. That episode like all things came to an end… happier than some as both brothers have each other and they verbalize how much they appreciate having family to count on… So whatever your family situation, be it not so dire as Dean and Sammie’s, make a point while you have those you can count on to let them know just how much they mean to you…  seize the day!

Till next time, carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don’t you cry no more…



Dreaming. Lots of us have dreams at night. Do you remember yours? I have always been one who has had very vivid dreams and when I wake up I do remember a great deal of what they were about… guess the reason for this post at this time is I had a dream last night, one I remember very well, and I felt writing about this topic might help the feelings I have lingering around after waking up. I rarely have nightmares. Speaking of last night it sometimes feels like I am…


And when I dream I feel like I haven’t gotten the best sleep…it feels like I was watching a movie [just how real my dreams feel sometimes]. I was at a wedding for a friend and the person who was seating folks was being rude for some reason. Then it switched to a friend of mine trying to get me to talk to “you” and I didn’t want to because I feel like you have been avoiding me. I don’t even try to text “you” anymore because of this fact. But I then see “you” right in front of me in my dream. How “you” used to look because we haven’t seen each other in a few years. Every time I end up seeing “you” in a dream when I wake I have these intense feelings of loneliness. That hurts even worse then seeing “you” in the dream. Knowing I haven’t been able to talk to “you” or even know if “you” are okay… my dreams betray me and I know just how much I do miss “you” but I can’t do anything about it. So I go on with my life.

Then I also have had some reoccurring dreams in the past. Let me tell you about those…I always start out in a different location be it an empty hospital or building in a city… and while trying to navigate around I run into scared individuals who I take with me and protect from whatever it is that is looking for us. I never see what that is I just know that we are in constant danger and I have to keep myself and the others safe.

I also have had dreams of an ex of mine. Those are never so pleasant. He was such an ass so he is in the dreams. Other times he is nice to me which was very rare when we were dating but happened. I don’t generally speaking like the dreams that have him in it. I have had my fair few of them nonetheless.

I had a dream once of my childhood home yet in my dream it had multiple stories when mine did not…but I have a wolf or two chasing after me in that house. That dream was pretty terrifying. Yet for some reason I felt safer in that moment as I knew I was in my house… wierd i know tell me about it.

I watch a lot of movies that deal with zombies, warewolves, vampires, ghosts, and all other sorts of fantasy creatures so I do occasionally have dreams with them in it… but actually not that often as I might think I would… here’s to wishing I have a dream located in Middle Earth and I am an elf!

Have you ever heard of those folks who say they can control what they dream about? I am not so sure about that to be honest. I wouldn’t dream of all the stuff I have if I could control what I dream  about. I would dream of this:


I do love orcas. They are beautiful creatures! I know that it is said your unconscious is where your dreams come from…what your deepest desires and wants are… what is troubling or distressing you. Not sure what is true but yet I continue to dream alot. And remember what I have dreamt more then am able to forget it.

Any weird or nice dreams you have had that you feel like sharing in the comments below…

*”You” was a reference to an old flame in High School who I ran back into later on and whom has never quite left my affections. My dreams won’t let me either apparently so I try in vain to move on.*