There and Back again…. Carolyn’s Journey

So today is Wednesday. It has only been a week since I was informed that my grandmother was brought to the hospital. She came in by ambulance last Monday. She fell down and was too weak to get up. She seems to get better then get worse… it has been a week of back and forth. Last week I would come after work and stay with her while my Uncle went home to feed animals, laundry, etc… This Monday (Nov 11th) I was waiting on my Uncle to come back… he went to go check on my grandfather before returning… well he did return to the hospital but along with my grandfather who went to the ER. So now both grandparents are in the hospital. I have been staying every night with my grandmother….then working during the day then back to the hospital. My Uncle has now been staying with my grandfather. My Aunt has been staying during the day with my grandmother… My grandfather seems like he will be okay and back home way sooner then my grandmother…who as of tonight can’t even remember her own name… she just shruggs and doesn’t even try to think of her own name. It makes me very sad as just before this happened she was just going ninety to nothing!

Just to give you a little more information about my grandmother… She is 85 years old. Has her own iphone that she knows how to use… and ipad. She is always working or knitting something… or better yet she loves weaving. She also loves to read books on her reader… I just don’t know and it is so hard to see her like this with just no memory of anything much less be able to tell you where she is even… I just do what I can do… try to help her the best way I can. I try to keep reminding her of things and names. I try to just be here every night to make sure she is ok. I try to pray for her and my grandfather as much as I can. I have almost perfected the art of sleeping in the hospital… I am a very heavy sleeper so that does help some but I feel like I am just brain dead when I make it to work… I will try to keep you updated on how things are going in my land of work then hospital.

I thought I would try to make light of my journeys back and forth with a catchy title… I feel like I am always on a journey…and though my name isn’t Bilbo and I am not traveling far across Middle Earth…. I am on a journey none the less… till the next post!!!

I would really still appreciate all the prayers I can get for my grandparents.


Carolyn Hayes