Don’t go down into the pit of dispair
Where blackness hides the stars or any light
Blindness overtakes the windows of your soul
Never to feel the warmth of happiness again
Woe to that poor wandering vagabond
Who has not heard the warnings of the siren
Might he have been saved from this perilous trip
But that he climb out of the pitch black pit
Reclaim his spot under the celestial globe
That rules the daylight hours
And the twinkling and dazzling night sky
That have seen many a vagabond never to return…


Seasons: Fall

I can always tell when the seasons are changing. I love Fall. The days start staying cooler with nice breezes. The nights are the same with crisp night air plus all the stars a shining… the heat is not as oppressive. And for Texas that is saying something! There are campfires and so many more things I like doing outdoors once the temps allow. Takes me to a happy place. So that is all my friends… adieu.