GODencounters conference

Younger Generation Church

Next year I want to go actually see this conference in person. It is a free event every year put on by the Arlington Seventh Day Adventist Church. Last year I downloaded the podcasts. Unfortunately I have not watched those yet… This year I am watching at least the three sermons given on Sabbath via online streaming. I already have been blessed by the messages given this morning by Sam McKee! I have to be honest with you. I act one way on Sabbath or in church but at work or in other areas I don’t always act like a follower of Jesus. If I want to reach others I need to always show I am a follower of Jesus in every situation! It is going to be my challenge that I am praying for to always show Jesus’ love even when I would rather argue with them for being not so nice or helpful to me at work… I want to always focus on the positive and give out help not pull others down. Sometimes God has to almost like knock me over the head while I am trying to do it my own way and keeps saying my child I know best just please listen and follow my lead. I think my problem is that I am so impulsive that I do the first thing I think of which to be honest is NEVER what I should do had I weighed the options of what I should have done. This as you can imagine gets me in deep water especially at work with co-workers…. I need to honestly think how would Jesus react in THIS circumstance? Before just reacting to situations I need to think and the react such as a follower of Jesus would instead of how I normally react. I need to let go of all the anger I carry around that makes me react badly. I want people to look at me and say what is different about her? So I can tell them about the love I know from God…and how He changed me! This is my prayer and anyone who wishes to pray for me in this would be welcomed to do so…