For the longest time I thought I had a black thumb. I couldn’t even keep plants alive that were very hard to kill. About two years ago now at valentine’s day the pastors wife got me a bamboo plant. I then was given a succulent plant as a get well from co-workers. Both are still alive and thriving. I re-planted both of them into different planters today. Bamboo in the brown owl vase and the succulent [greenie] in the white vase. (Even though [greenie] is no longer the newest plant still a cool reference to the Maze Runner lol) My  newest editions are the beautiful purple tulips and the purple succulents that look like they might be a type of cacti in an aqua colored owl vase.

By now you should have already guessed a few things… I love tuilips. I love the color purple. I love owls. And I love making goofy book references that make me smile along with naming my plants I grow attached 2! I also with the amount of photos in my blog love taking photos… below are some recent photos of my little window sill garden. Enjoy!



So feeling very happy with my green thumb I will continue to continue my care of these plants. Next I want to get a bonsai tree in remembrance of my Grandfather. I would always get him one every so often because he loved taking care of plants. So I guess I am more like him then I thought. Here’s to you “GD”! Love you and miss you… can’t believe it’s been a year already. Adieu! [Until we meet again]



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