With lots more late nights to come and still having to wake in time to make it to work during the week (before or around 8 in the morning) leaves me feeling like a zombie. Staggering around. Groaning. Temperamental. I think you get the picture. If not see below…you’ll catch my drift.

R from Warm Bodies

“I don’t wanna be this way. I’m lonely. I’m totally lost. I mean, I’m literally lost. I’ve never been in this part of the airport before.”

For instance today my boss called me on my cell. Then in the conversation asked me to text him my direct line at work so he could put it in his cell. I go to do this while trying to multitask doing two or three other things while texting him back… I send him my cell number (I might add which he already has as he just called me on it). I finally realize what I did and just shake my head. Now not only does he think I might be an idiot, I then have to text him a second time with the right number. I don’t always help myself out by staying up late like writing this blog at this late hour but when do I have the time before now to do these things? I don’t is the obvious answer. So here I am putting this together. Or on Sunday I took a road trip to go see a Dallas Stars Hockey game + an alumni game after that to which I didn’t get home until midnight… and being Sunday (the most dreaded day of my week) Monday was the next day. I have somewhat recovered from that but last night after work then class I had to do laundry which kept me up late. Tonight was a chance to go to sleep early but I had things to do and now I am writing this so I am up late again. #Sigh

While most folks were our having a green beer in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day… (I also celebrated Murphy’s Law day as my work day sucked) but I went to my apartment for Bingo. There were drinks (Sprite or Water), snacks (cookies), and prizes (giftcards, a diamond necklace, and a rent voucher) to be given away all for free. The trick was you just had to get a B-I-N-G-O before anyone else of course. So was luck on my side you may ask yourself?

Lucky or not?

Lucky or not?

Why yes I was VERY lucky as I was the second person to have a bingo. I ended up with a nifty $20 gift card to Target. It was a lot of fun and I came very close to winning again…but being close doesn’t cut it. I do think I might have been in fear for my life from the other residents if I had won another prize… Alas I did not win another prize. Once that was over I then I went out with my best friend to grab some dinner.

Back to the topic of zombies and loss of sleep… I have been now since the fall of 2012 going back to college at night for a Associates as a paralegal. This semester has been rough as I have had to go up to class three nights a week. Monday/Wednesday/Thursday have become very long days for me between work and class. It is about to pay off! Why you may ask? Well I am going to hunker down and take the last three classes I need next semester. This means I should graduate in December of this year. Taking something two classes at a time kind of has a feeling of desperation thinking will this ever be done. Yes, yes it will and now in a very short time for me. In a very short time really I will be able to say, I did it! Then maybe I can get more sleep but probably not.



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