Lie to me*

How I wish that over my life I had been able to read people’s micro expressions. Maybe it would have helped me out. Or I could be watching too much of the series “Lie to me”! One or the other options is highly likely.


I have to go off of gut feelings and experiences I have been through to know if someone is lying to me. I guess as we go along that doing that also becomes a skill. It can feel like you have been lied too so much that it seems like no one tells you the truth. I have been there and getting rid of those people in your life who keep lying to you is the best remedy… but don’t take my word for it as it has to be your decision. Once you have been hurt by the lies and backstabbing enough you may change your mind and cut your losses. Or not that is up to you. You have to be okay with burning bridges in the end.

I feel for the main character on the show Cal. It must be tough being able to read people that well. It would probably shock most of us just how many people tell small white lies all the way to huge whopper of a tales all the time day in and day out… but he can see through all of that.


The show is based upon a real man Paul Ekman. His website is found at and has more on this topic of course… As you can tell from my blog post this is a topic that really has not only caught my attention but fascinates me!

Another thing I like about the show is the detective like quality of it. I always like figuring out who did it…probably a good idea to choose to be a paralegal. I also love doing research so that type of paper in college was my favorite!  I just want to finish school is my main goal at the moment. I kind of have wanted to work for the FBI since I can remember but not sure that dream will work out… as long as I can have some shot at a career in the legal profession I will be happy.

Till the next time…see you on the flip side!


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