Pineapple Express

Have you ever had one of those embarrassing moments? Come on don’t lie almost everyone has at least one if not more they wish they could forget about… sweep under the rug and I think you know what I mean. Well this is just one of my embarrassing moments from my past. **Spoiler alert if you are fan of smoking pot this post might not be for you…** or maybe you will laugh at my embarrassment who knows… any who the story continues…

This happened back in my early college days. Right after high school… I was hanging out around a local band. I worked with the guitarist for said band and went to listen to them practice. I loved going to see all of their shows…


I remember that night like it was just yesterday. I went to one of their shows and my Mom tagged along with me. My Dad had just divorced her not that long ago and so it just made sense. So after the show my friend invited us to come along to a party they were having for the band and other people. I always liked parties so I said sure…why not! So to the party we went… my Mom included. So I just was hanging out with some friends on the first floor of the house that the party was being held at with my Mom being MIA. They were playing White Zombie and people were talking and some were dancing. My friend “the guitarist” finally arrived with his girlfriend. I remember seeing him go up stairs…then he came abruptly back downstairs. He found me chit chatting with a friend and took me aside… he told me that my Mom was upstairs smoking pot. He thought I might want to know. He and his girlfriend then left the party because of the people with the pot. I always associate that memory of my Mom smoking pot with the Sublime song “What I got”. I believe the line is, “I don’t get angry when my Mom smokes pot”. I wasn’t angry but I was embarrassed. I am not a person to really condone usage of illegal substances by anyone. In my state it is still considered that way. Plus I knew my friend “the guitarist” didn’t approve of it either.

So it is up to you to decide how embarrassing a moment you may or may not think that was… or feel free to share one of your own with me in the coments. The title of my blogs for this month of October are all movie related. I chose the title Pineapple Express for this one because that movie is about pot (with lots of jokes with Rogen and Franco) but of course…

Till the next blog… I’ll catch you on the flip side!


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