Children of the Corn


It’s days like today that I realize that I didn’t really learn that much from my parents. I self taught a lot of skills that I feel others learned from their parents. For instance doing the laundry or cooking… I learned from watching others or from trial and error. Sometimes I have to ask how things are done and it makes me feel embarrassed when I have to ask for help. I have never shelled corn. Not once until today. So when I got assigned that task I was at a loss on how to do it to be honest. So rather than look like an idiot I just asked. It was rather simple and I did fine once I was shown how… I keep coming to things I have never done before a lot lately and I can do them now but wonder what it would have been like if I found out how to do them early on from my parents. Never had a mango until this year and for your information no I didn’t cut it open my friends sister did.

So today was a grand day. Spent around friends who are like family. Got ready for a cook out which was what the corn was for… and dang I forgot to eat any of it! The weather for Texas was very pleasant with a cool breeze blowing. We went down by the lake and I sat under the trees and chit chatted with people. I don’t remember my parents ever doing things like that… maybe when I was little but when I was older…not a chance.

Who knew all the things I would finally experience once I became an adult? Well not that being an adult had anything to do with it… just I can come and go as I please. I live by myself so I can choose where I want to go and who I want to be around. I like the freedom. I choose to be around friends and family! If only every day could be like today…is my ray of hope.


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