I have always loved being around water… from hearing a babbling brook nearby, to being by a lake, to swimming in a swimming pool… I have always felt at home by the water.

I used to love getting up very early in the morning to go fishing with my Dad. I don’t like getting up early BUT if it was to go fishing well I couldn’t wait to wake up at 5 am, grab an early bite of food, and get out on the lake while most people were still at home sleeping…

I remember visiting the west coast and one of the places I felt I could just sit and watch the scenery around me was at Crater Lake, Oregon. Such a beautiful site of water and forest around it…


It was such a peaceful place. A place I would want to visit again if I could… to the Santa Monica beach with its cold waters that is breathtaking to see…



Such a relaxing view…then to the waters near Seattle with its wildlife even so close to the city…


Plus the mountain peaks in the distance… just some of the places I have visited that I felt were awesome due to the body of water nearby!

Till the next post… adieu


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