(Pity) Party Central

Today I had one of those days from Chapter 11 knows as Stinkin’, Rotten, Horrible, No Good Day… I kept thinking if I could just go home and start over then it would maybe get better. Wouldn’t that be GREAT to have some space-time craft to go back in time and start days over? I think so and all my sci-fi and fantasy watching has made my dreams if only it were true… but that is not the case nor the #truth. I was at work and one of the first things I did was call my mom. It is her birthday today… and I wanted to see about taking her out to lunch. She shot me down because she rarely wants to do things with me… (I know this fact) but still it just HURT! So I tried getting up from my desk and walking to the back of our facility to cool off but I could just feel tears forming the more I tried to hold them back. Such is life… Then I have a few customers who are just difficult to deal with… I heard from 2 of them this morning right after my call to my mom. See how well I have (pity) party central right here at my desk from 9 am this morning until about 11 am. I even have these up at my desk to try to ward off bad days…


Still didn’t help me today. I am good at trying to do things on my own… you betcha. Then I started calling around to find someone to go to lunch with… found my best-friend’s mom and we went to lunch. Also got a lot of texts from other friends who were lifting me up! It wasn’t until about 10:30 in the midst of my (pity) party central that I noticed I hadn’t changed my calendar over. BOY when I read that is was like God had specifically made today’s topic for the bad day He knew I would have:

image(Pity) Party Central was officially over. I even shared today’s message with the friend who gave me the calendar and shared how it had made such an impact today! When I forget that God has my back he reminds me that I do not have to do this all alone. PTL!


8 thoughts on “(Pity) Party Central

  1. Linaelini, I love that you turned the calendar page and found a new perspective to go along with the truth that you do not walk this road alone! Praise God, indeed! I’m so glad that He lifted you and pray He continues to show you how loved you are as you keep walking this journey with us. Missy (OBS Blog Hop Team)

  2. I just gave a friend an encouraging calendar yesterday for her bday. That was really nice you let your friend know that verse calendar helped you.

  3. Just because we know something is true, and that we should probably expect it, that doesn’t stop it from being painful. I love how you persisted in seeking the fellowship you needed for lunch, even after being rejected. And, how beautiful that God had just the message you needed to read as you turned the calendar page! That can be your metaphor as you turn the page on craving things that don’t satisfy. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    • Thanks Sandi! I have always been one to persist in being stubborn mostly in good ways. Now to put that attitude back to focus on my wanting to persue a relationship to Jesus and my desire to get back into shape again!

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