Verse of the Week: Psalms 84:2


I have loved learning more about this verse and I think this will be my first memory verse to memorize to start back doing that again. I also looked up a blog about verse mapping. I had never done this before but thought the way it was presented was very cool. So I did my first verse this way using that tool and just meditating on what the verse meant to me. I will share what I ended up getting out of the verse in just a little bit. So basically this is how I mapped my verse. I used the one from our study… I then took out a notecard and wrote the verse out on the front of the card. I didn’t really take all day to figure out what this verse said to me but I could have… maybe next week I will do that… then I circled words that jumped out at me or I jotted down what spoke to me out of the verse. I found more then I had space for on my notecard to write in this one verse alone. Then I turned it over and wrote out a prayer to God about how I could use the things I learned from this verse from here on out in my life. Also if He would help me finish what I started (great at starting stuff and being all motivated then poof I hardly finish what I start…). So below see my picture of my verse mapping…


So by doing this and reading the verse quite a few times I ended up almost having it totally memorized which was the final plan for me to accomplish! Woo Hoo!  I had started memorizing scripture last year (see I started something and didn’t keep it going!!!) Now I plan to pick back up and make memorizing scripture a way of life. Along with picking back up my prayer journal. It is such an uplifting way to look back at answered prayers and see how you have changed along the way. It might help me get my prayer life back on track. Man if you read this you will think I am all outta shape with my spiritual life! I want to assure you that I have taken to heart my motto this year… “To know Christ, and to make Him known.”

So who is with me to memorize scripture with me this year?


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