Calm in the midst of the storm

I had another dream last night. Until I could really explain it I dared not write about it… My dreams as always so vivid. I always remember them or most of them when I wake. So now to the dream I had last night… I was in a car driving when this storm overtook me on the road. Before I knew it I watched a tornado form and it looked as though it was coming closer and closer. I made it to a house nearby. Meanwhile I remember feeling so calm about it all. Now you see that is the total opposite of how I think I would react in that situation… I remember walking into the house and looking for the best place to weather out the tornado safely. I found this place in the hallway that was surrounded by a few doors. I was wondering how to keep the doors closed at once by myself with winds hitting them… I remembering watching the tornado come closer and closer. My calmness of mood remained. I prayed. I felt as though God was with me. I knew that God wanted me alive for some purpose and that this storm would not hurt me. Total calm. The last thing I remember is that the only thing left of the house was the hallway I had been in and the doors still standing after the tornado had passed. I had been saved. I was alive.

Such an uplifting dream after many nights of bad ones. I have evidence that my prayers are answered. One in that I had been praying that if I did dream to have good dreams instead of bad ones. You might say that the dream I described was not a good dream…but I disagree. I know that God is my rock and my salvation. He answers my prayers. He has a purpose for me…even though I do not know exactly what that might be yet I am searching to learn more. I am building a relationship with Him through the reading of His word daily and through prayer. I am saved by grace and by Jesus’ death on the cross in my place. I have someone I can always count on no matter what… I have my calm in the midst of the storm!

Praise the Lord


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