Life after surgery

So what is life like after a major surgery? It is a three day stay in a wonderful 4 star getaway hotel, I think not. It is being in a place where you take naps not really sleep through the night. Makes for a cool movie all nighter with my mom and her boyfriend! I don’t know why some people take out their pain or frustration of being in the hospital on the ones who are there to help them get better…even if sometimes the night staff makes you question whether they barely passed their schooling to become a nurse.

Anywho back on topic… so after a difficult surgery with a late start time, complications, and the doc who originally started working on you plus 3 other docs in surgery working on you… makes for a long day for them but a nice long sleep for me! That is where my recovery journey started. First hurdle that I found some what challenging getting out of bed the 1st time. Next hurdle came in transporting me back to my parents house. Next to last hurdle getting the staples out (didn’t hurt at all… Praise the Lord). Last hurdle was today and getting the catheter out. Now I finally feel like a woman on the mend…! The more I get up and moving about the better I feel. Now for a marathon…who’s with me? JUST KIDDING!!!! I do plan on getting back up on my feet and maybe walking for exercise and eating better. Other things are on the horizon for me…the only reason I felt better so soon was keeping a positive attitude!  And why not be positive? God had everything that happened to me (even the hiccup in surgery) under control and it is going according to HIS plan. I just am following his lead and continuing feeling better and better with each day!



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